Let's get started!

How this works & What to do ...


To use the affiliate program the first thing you will need to do is choose the payment option in the Start Here page.


Then you will have to create your own affiliate URL, that is your own unique web link that leads your peeps to the Ancestresscy sales page.

You do this by going to the My Affiliate Area in the menu above and clicking My URL and following the instructions. You can then use the URL  whenever you are posting on Facebook or Instagram or when using the link in an email.


Next hop onto the April Launch info and download any images you will need. Please look at the launch schedule and plan your posts accordingly.

This is a very informal launch as I really am just getting started. If at any time you would like more information or more marketing materials then please ask.

Watch your results

To watch your results and see who you have been referring please look at the other tabs in the Affiliate Members area.

Please Note

If you click on the Log Out tab inside the Affiliate Area you will log yourself out of the whole Affiliate Portal. If you would like to go back to the other pages within the portal and not leave, then please use the back button on your browser.