Thankyou for joining!

It is my sincere and passionate mission to spread the healing work of Ancestressy far and wide across our globe and empower as many women as possible. I am not able to do this without you, so this affiliate program is my grateful way of saying thankyou.

Our aim with this affiliate program is to acknowledge, support and say thank you to you for believing in and sharing our work with your friends and communities.

About the program

For every person who joins Ancestresscy, we will send you a 20% commission (approx. $60). Or you may choose a pay it forward option.

The paying forward option means that every 5 participants or circle of 5 you inspire, you will have the equivalent of one course cost that you could either pay forward or gift to a woman who you know would value or needs it. OR you could use it to pay for your own enrollment. With this option you will also be paid the remainder of the monies left over (ie if you sell 7 places and the first 5 can be used to pay a course forward and you will be sent the $120 commision that is remaining.

Unfortunately due to pay out dates and limitations we are not able to offer both the pay and the pay if forward function simultaneously, (where you choose the number you pay forward and also choose how much you receive).

You will need to choose which option you prefer (at the bottom of the page).

We are new to affiliate programs and while we aim to make this program as effortless as possible, we’re aware that some things might not go according to plan. To balance this, we have created the terms and conditions below to help us all remain clear. Please do not proceed until you have read and understood them.

Please know that these guidelines will grow as this program grows and we will update you if and when the terms and conditions change.

If you have any questions, if you are unsure of what is ok or not ok, please contact me at

Thank you so much for your belief in me and this work and for so genuinely sharing this work.

With Love,

Lhamo x